We have successfully completed number of projects and are presently working on many projects. Our work portfolio includes the following key projects:

    Urban Transport and Infrastructure

  1. Policy Coordination for Electric Auto-rickshaw in India

    The client has developed a first electric auto-rickshaw (L5M Category) in India and was keen to launch the product in Indian market. Currently, the company is operating more than 70 smart auto in 2 cities.-

    • Policy advocacy and support for regulatory clearance
    • Marketing research, strategic planning and competitors’ analysis
    • Operation Planning, Driver Recruitment and Training
    • Designed a comprehensive operation and maintenance plan
    • Setup operational infrastructure - IT and ITS System, MIS Reports
  2. Performance of Taxi Vehicles in India

    The study on “Performance of Taxi Vehicles in India” was conducted for leading automobile players to understand the feasibility of introducing “Electric Vehicles and related Infrastructure” for Taxi operations with focus on 8 key cities.-

    • City wise taxi population including type and make
    • Trend of Taxi operator in each cities year on year basis
    • Taxi driver behavior in each major cities
    • Survey of more than 1500 drivers in 8 cities
    • Data compilation and analysis
  3. Policy Advocacy for On-demand Transport Services

    The client was engage in the business of on-demand transport services and was looking to build strong presence in the local market. There was need to create positive environment for the services among the authorities.-

    • Support engagement with ministries and authorities
    • Monitor policy developments with the potential impact
    • Coordinate MoU with government department and third-party
    • Review strategic plan to guide governments
  4. Evaluation of Employee Transportation Solution (ETS)

    The project involved consulting for implementing Employee Transportation Solution (ETS) to automate Routing Planning, Rostering, Fleet Optimization, MIS & Billing, Adhoc Transport Service and SLA management for Delhi.-

    • Evaluation of existing employee transport solution
    • Identify gap areas to reduce cost implication
    • Comparison matrix of existing ETS solutions
    • Finalisation and implementation of ETS solutions
  5. City bus modernisation plan for Jaipur

    Jaipur City Transport Services Limited (JCTSL) is selected as one of the city under GEF-V Funding of INR 100 million from World Bank. JCTSL will get a grant for the modernisation of bus operation in the city of Jaipur-

    • Coordination with SUTP-TUT, World Bank, MoUD GoI and IBI
    • Transaction Advisory for the appointment of project consultant
    • Preparation of City bus modernisation plan including depot modernization
    • Implementation of ERP / MIS for deport management
    • Preparation of tender document for PMC for ITS
  6. Operation Management – Cluster Buses in Delhi

    Cluster Buses in Delhi is one of the prestigious urban transport projects undertaken by Delhi Government. Our company has linked up with one of the key Concessionaires in this project and is providing support to the Concessionaire in the following areas:-

    • Coordination with manufacturer and service providing agency
    • Manpower planning and organization management
    • Service quality monitoring and Driver quality monitoring
    • MIS Reports and database management

  7. Surveys and Studies

  8. Urban Transportation Market in India – Market Insight and Opportunities

    The international technology company is looking to explore Indian market and wanted to evaluate opportunities in transportation area. The study was conducted to provide holistic overview of Indian market.-

    • Urban transport system in India
    • New government initiatives like smart cities
    • Smart ticketing in India
    • Telecom / smartphone market in India
  9. Traffic Demand and Forecast for Delhi Airport Express

    Delhi Airport Metro Express connects International Airport to key city centers. Road traffic in the capital is exploding and infrastructure, such as roads, have become heavily congested. The time taken to reach IGI Airport from the centre of the city can range from anywhere between 1 to 2 hours. With the introduction of Delhi Airport Metro Express, the travel time has reduced to around 20 minutes.

    We carried out Traffic Demand and Forecast for our client. Our study covered the following:-

    • Primary Traffic Surveys & Analysis
    • Ridership Forecast for Future Years
    • Station-wise boarding / alighting Assessment
    • Fare box revenue Assessment
  10. Study on Gems & Jewellery Education Potential Market in Delhi

    Our client wanted to open a Gems & Jewellery training institute in Delhi for large & small scale jewellers, college girls, professionals and housewives. The Client wanted to understand the potential market for the same with regards to: the available market, latest trends and major developments. We carried out business and market research for our client. Our study covered the following:-

    • Conduct interview with industry people to find out the latest industry trends.
    • Survey of large and small scale jewellers in Delhi for demand of jewellery designing courses.
    • Survey to find out the interest level of college girls and school pass outs for jewellery designing and business courses.
    • Carry out analysis for suitable timing and fees structure for different target audience.
  11. Study on Paper Market in India

    We carried out a detailed study on the Indian Paper Market for our Client. Our study covered the following:

    • Size & growth of the Indian Paper Market
    • Sub-segments in the paper market
    • Key Players in the Indian Market
    • Way Ahead based on present Scenario

  12. Supply Chain Performance Management

  13. Road Movement from Bangladesh into India

    Client is one of the prime retailers in India and its primary sourcing is from Bangladesh. The sea route takes approximately twice the time compared to road movement from Bangladesh to India. The shipment was transported via road from the shipper’s factory in Dhaka. It crossed the border at Benapole and Petrapole Border after completion of documentary requirements at both Bangladesh and Indian Border. The shipment was finally delivered at customer warehouse in Mumbai. Our study included the following aspects:-

    • Analytical analysis for the road movement model
    • Documentary requirements as per Indian Import Rule
    • Time saving analysis of sea vs. road movement
    • Cost recovery and customer retention analysis

  14. Imports from China to India

    Customer is a new Entrepreneur venturing into the imports of utility machines from China to India. The customer did not have any prior experience of imports and therefore it was mandatory for the customer to complete all requirements as per rules laid out by the Union Government of India.Currently, the client is in process of setting up processing unit. In phase two, we shall be designing a dynamic and appropriate marketing-cum-promotion strategy for the Client.

    • Product costing,
    • Logistics cost analysis
    • Service provider selection and shipment delivery activities
    • Customs related activities and duty refund