‘Valoriser Consultants’ enables rationale-driven insights and opinions to corporations globally

Market Research Market evaluation and assessment Customer surveys Competitor profiling Industry - analysis Joint venture & alliances

Valoriser Consultants (VAC) enables corporations worldwide to make strategic decisions, generate efficiencies, build healthy sales pipeline and thus drive growth. Our rationale-driven, actionable insights and advisory solutions are assimilated leveraging robust secondary research methodologies, extensive qualitative research techniques complemented with an in-depth sector expertise.

VAC was founded by a team of management professionals, industry experts, academia and consultants, with an objective of providing local intelligence, business, legal and administrative support to foreign individuals and companies in India, as well as, enabling local companies to adopt world’s best practices and providing operational support to the companies.

Over the last decade, we have worked with several national and global companies helping them grow faster amidst difficult economic conditions and ever changing regulatory environment. Today, VAC is a fast growing research and advisory firm in the areas of industrials, chemicals, transportation, logistics, consumer goods, technology, telecom, professional services sectors globally. The company has built its specialization in the areas of:

● Bus Transport and Para-transit (Taxi and Auto)
● Chemicals
● Industrials
● Information, Communications and Technology
● Materials
● New Mobility Solutions
● Professional Services
● Public Policy and Advocacy
● Transport Planning and Intelligent Transport System
● Transaction Advisory
● Urban Rail

Our solutions span across the ‘Growth Drivers’ (such as market insights, competitor intelligence, new marketentry, M&A support, new product support, regulatory ecosystem analysis) ; the ‘Sales Engine’ (such as lead generation, prospecting, sales decks, customer reports, CRM management, events planning) and the Optimization Factors (such as supply chain management, procurement support, logistics planning)

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